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 "I can run my bottling machines flat out and achieve 70% reduction in spillage and short fills. Fizzwizz carbonation is always repeatable."

Boxing Rock

Emily Tipton & Henry Pedro 

"The carbonation has ultra fine bubbles and I can’t believe how little C02 I am using these days."

Randy Lawrence

"The Fizzwizz instantly became one of the most crucial pieces of gear in our brewery. It’s simple to operate and is always reliable. It produces consistent, repeatable results, critical for a small craft brewery. I sleep soundly knowing that our beer will be ready for packaging by the morning."

Upstreet Craft Brewing

Mike Hogan

"Instantly less short fills, carbonation level is exactly what I want each time."

Tatamagouche Brewing Company
Mathew Kenny

"We LOVE our FizzWizz. I recommend it to everyone I talk to."
The Mason Jar Brewing Company

Robert Carter

"Since installing the FizzWizz, we’ve reduced CO2 usage our carbonation is consistent and knowing that we can walk away and be ready to keg the next day is a great reassurance."
Full Beard Brewing Co

Andrew Easthope

Brewers are loving their FizzWizz.  Here is what a few of them have to say.

"The FizzWizz is really is making our days easier. Much less of a time crunch to get the beer transferred, since we can now carb overnight with no worries. It really does automate something that used to be fairly hands on. Removes a lot of the operator error as well. I'm very pleased with it."
Block Three Brewing Co
Kevin Freer
"It has definitely made my life a ton easier not having to worry about proper CO2 levels!"
Lucky Town Brewing Company
Lucas Simmons

"The thing that we like most about the team is the amazing support! No matter what the problem is, they are extremely prompt to respond and resolve it or offer advice. I only wish that all other manufacturers could follow their suit!"

Hell Bay Brewing Co. Ltd.
Mark Baillie

"It's my favorite piece of equipment!  I've used it several times now and it works great.  Thanks for the follow up."


Goat Patch Brewing

Darren Baze, Head Brewer

"The FizzWizz has been working out great. It taught me that my head pressure gauges are slightly off and it seems quite accurate with the carbonation (it was checked against an Anton Paar CO2/O2 meter)."

Whitetooth Brewing 

Evan Cronshaw

I love the FizzWizz and am soooooo happy that I purchased it.  It's carbing my beer like a champ and makes things so much easier.  Takes the guess work out of everything. 
Hammond River Brewing 
Shane Steeves