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FIZZWIZZ Designed for the craft brewing industry 

Beer Geeks, like us, want more consistency and control over our end products. The FizzWizz gets it right every time by solving the problems of inconsistent and unstable carbonation levels.


The cost of getting it wrong is too high. 

FIZZWIZZ uses automation technology to accurately control the rate and finish of brew

carbonation. No more performing mathematical computations and then trying to adjust the process manually. No more long hours checking and rechecking. You set and forget.

Developers of the FizzWizz introduces the WizzStone combo!

Designed for batch craft brewers, the first easy to clean and maintain carbonation stone assembly, consists of a carrier, thermowell and ceramic carbonation stone. The stainless-steel end caps and nano pore construction ensures that optimum c02 flow rates and ultra fine bubbles can be achieved.

Designed to work with the FizzWizz carbon automation system, the built in thermowell mounted adjacent to the carbonation stone enables accurate temperature measurement at the point of dissolution.

 A fresh approach by the team at BrewWizz

Check out our brochure......or should I say "brew"sure.